“All Solomon’s buildings, though beautiful, were intended for use. Solomon began with the temple; he built for God first, and then his other buildings. The surest foundations of lasting prosperity are laid in early piety. He was thirteen years building his house, yet he built the temple in little more than seven years; not that he was more exact, but less eager in building his own house, than in building God’s. We ought to prefer God’s honour before our own ease and satisfaction.”


1 Kings 7:13-47

  • Why rent a storage space when you can Rent-To-Own your personal storage building!
  • Mennonite or Amish Quality Construction
  • For Sale or Rent-To-Own
  • Pre-Owned Storage Buildings are Available Too

About Us

Solomon Buildings offers Mennonite or Amish Quality Craftsmanship, attractive designs and durability in our storage buildings, all at an excellent price. Our unique buildings are available to purchase or for Rent-To-Own.

We offer a wide variety of storage buildings, from small metal sheds to painted wood cabins, and buildings that can be used as an office with wiring and other options.  We also offer pre-owned buildings too.

We wish to thank you for taking the time to check out our products, and look forward to giving you excellent customer service!

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